When is it time to order a website?
You have some kind of business – from cleaning apartments to transporting goods. Or do makeup with manicure. The usual way to find customers is to advertise on a large, well-promoted classifieds site. This will immediately give dozens of views and calls. Cheap and cheerful – what else do you need? Why fool your head with your own website?


And the site needs to be done. I have written quite a few articles on this topic, and practice shows that the sites work. You can make expensive, you can inexpensive – they all give good results.


It is often more expensive than being posted on ad sites, only it is not critically expensive, it needs to be done. Without this, you will not build a business, even in six months, nothing will work out.


And further. If you advertise through a search engine, then you need a website. It is incomprehensible and incorrect to advertise your ad on someone else’s resource, where incoming requests can easily be immediately redirected to another page.

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