When is it profitable to order automation for a small business?
If you made some sort of data selection through a computer one day, then did the same again, and the next day and beyond, then it’s time to think about how this can be automated.


There are several commercial packages for automating business processes, one of which has a free trial version. Everything else is paid.


Does it pay off? Depends on the cost of employees’ working time and the cost for personnel error. If there should be no errors – for various reasons this may be unacceptable, then of course automation will greatly reduce the number of errors. Reduces the number of errors by several million times.


If you think that you have the wrong scale, the wrong volumes, and this is simply not about you, then here are some examples.


The store made a mistake with the price and sold for cheaper purchases. And they bought everything. Losses of $ 85,000.


The dropshipper sold more goods than he had. For everything that he sold over, he lost a quarter of the value of the goods.


Who bought it? Bought by wholesalers, and of course robots collected information about this.


I have information on production errors, but that’s another story.



And these are certainly not miracles – the program itself does not understand anything and acts according to the instructions of the person. The automation development process is long, painstaking and unattractive, but it’s certainly worth it.

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