What must be on the site?
Contacts. There must be contacts on the site, otherwise clients will find you.


Working with sites every day, I have accumulated statistics on tens of thousands of sites – and what I will write below is a common problem. A third of the sites have no contacts. On the remaining percent, about a third of them posted incorrect details – an incomplete phone number or an address with typos or another mistake.


Then they often make mistakes in the correct spelling – extra characters, two in one field without a space or separated by commas – you can’t list all the options.


There are sites that hide contact information. In the most literal sense – somewhere on a separate page or even on another site.


The bottom line is what the site is doing to attract customers and contacts should be available. Not only for people, but also for search robots, even primarily for bots, because otherwise you will not be found at all. There are already millions of sites and information is searched through search engines. If the search robot does not receive information from the site, then the site will not be visible in the search results and there will be little benefit from the site.


Therefore, the placement of contacts in the picture can be beautiful, only meaningless. You should not endow search robots with excessive intelligence – search engines have laid out in open access the rules by which they find information and you need to adhere to them for successful indexing.



In general, as a result of the collected statistics, I can say that only from 7 to 12% of sites contain correct information. That is, the phones are working, the mail is working, the messengers are answered.

Chats are a separate issue, they were not included in the consideration. If your site needs to be updated, then call or write +38 068 590 22 93,

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