An example of a good site – in detail and step by step with an example.
There is such a site and we will analyze it.


The site must be responsive, that is, it must work on any device, on any browser, on any operating system. This site works quietly.


The site should work on any computers, old and new. This site works.


The site must be fast. This site is much faster than one second and can be much faster. I had to slow it down, because the visitors did not realize that the pages had changed, it was faster than a person’s reaction.


The site works on mobile devices, on any, from ancient phones to the latest models of smartphones.


The site should be user-friendly – tests have shown that this is a fairly user-friendly site, there is nothing super-fashionable and complicated. At the same time, it is quite modern, all the rules and recommendations are followed. And no mistakes.


There are many content filters on the site and at the same time they work in one click. And they work fast, no long seconds of waiting, even on a large database. Again, I had to slow down the site.


This is a real estate website, and in Ukraine this industry is characterized by a turnover of personnel who need to be quickly trained to use the site to add objects. Experience shows that the training time is much less than 10 minutes. It happened that even two minutes was enough and then the manager worked freely on his own.


You need to link the objects of sale to the manager, so that the clients would call the manager for whom it is assigned. This is also implemented.


Contacts of managers are displayed on the screen and are always available for viewing – implemented.


How the product card is filled in – just put the material into the card, add a photo and it will adapt itself to the site.


In a single product, there is a flipping view of photos – a lightbox. Works on any device and any browser. It will process the photo itself and display it in the best way.


And there are many more little things that make the site convenient and useful for business and visitors.


And what is not there – there are no problems that young studios have often plagued with lately – beyond modern technologies that add nothing either for business or for visitors. Nothing flickering, slowing down, hanging the computer and other very fashionable, only completely unnecessary for business. And at the same time making the development of the site very expensive and time-consuming.



The site should help and facilitate the business, if this does not happen, then something is wrong.

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