What does a competent setting of an advertising campaign give?
First of all, this is an increase in traffic. But this is not a novelty in customization – to increase audience reach, do more territorially and get more. This is the only option that requires large advertising budgets, which, as always, do not exist.


Therefore, you need to configure so that the traffic would increase, and the costs would decrease. This is done.



The second is to reduce the cost per impression and click. There are also options directly, and again you need to act wisely – the costs are even lower, and the attraction is relatively cheap.


And then the question arises – is it necessary to hire specialists?

Yes need. Will he cut costs, because he also needs to spend? Yes, it will.



How much will it reduce? Depends on the ad budget. If it is completely modest, then by 5-15%, if it is solid, then at times and dozens of times. Whether it’s worth the hassle of hiring and communicating is up to you, experience shows it’s worth it.

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