Before that, the client had a site, if you can call it a site – a page with a button to collect contacts.


Made a full-fledged website, with good contacts and convenient for visitors. The client received visitors only through advertising, he did not receive any more clients.


After 5 days of work, his advertising costs have decreased by 5 times and can be reduced more. And he also got 36% of free customers – they didn’t come through ads, they came through search.


Why the costs have decreased – but a simple site, in contrast to a crooked landing page, allows you to tell in detail all the advantages, show them, offer other materials, and so on. More convenient for visitors, which means that the costs of attracting can be reduced compared to collecting contacts.


And why did the free visitors come – after all, now there is where to come, there is something to offer them.


Free visitors were a big surprise for the site owner, he had never received anything like it before. On the issue of reducing the cost of advertising, he was also perplexed – could it be harmful to business?



As a result, an increase in website traffic increased revenues, and a decrease in the advertising budget reduced costs. Plus free visitors, increased awareness, lower costs – in general, everything is good.

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