With the definition, everything is simple – parsing is the collection of structured information, but the meaning is different.


Simple situation – you are looking for a lawyer or doctor / clinic / educational institution / store / whatever and want to make them an offer or request information. They always do this – collect addresses and call. Only if the question is serious, then you need to send a letter, since you cannot keep all the details in your head.


Let’s say you are looking for a job. Go to the site and send your resume to different companies. On many job search sites, this is done and it is convenient.


But if you are looking for a university for a child or builders for repairs, then they usually look for information in a search engine, other options are less convenient. And the search engine will redirect you to the site, it cannot do anything else, and it should not be able to. An advertisement may still have a phone, and mail is almost always on the site. You get fifty sites, which will take a couple of hours to view.


This is where a parser and a programmer come in. Collect information in a table, send letters or call and quickly, within one working day, you will receive an answer. It can be positive or negative, additional requests may be needed, only you will already know what to do next.


And in ordinary business, the tasks are more ambitious – there are thousands of addresses, and just calling everyone is a work for many hundreds of hours. But sending mail is just hours, sometimes minutes.



The site also has articles on parsing, this is a useful and necessary tool for business.


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