What can be done on the site
Why do you need a website?


The speed of work is significantly increased. The processes that a person performs in 4-6 hours, the site will complete in 40 minutes. This means that a larger number of documents or applications will be processed, and clients will receive the information they are interested in in a timely manner.


It is cheaper to create and configure a website than to additionally hire an employee who needs to equip a workplace and pay monthly salaries.

The site can work around the clock, he does not need a lunch break, he does not get sick, does not go on maternity leave or leave.


The site does not make mistakes, acting according to a given algorithm. He does not get tired, does not come to work in a bad mood, and does not get distracted. If failures occur in his work, he independently diagnoses them and informs the person about it.



The site keeps a log of all its actions, which allows you to optimize its work, quickly identify and eliminate the causes of deviations in its actions. It will not work like this with a person: it can take hours and days only to identify an error in an employee’s work.


The site is quickly reconfigured without significant time and material costs in accordance with changes in the company’s business processes. The retraining of an employee can last for weeks, and sometimes months, which does not guarantee 100% assimilation of the acquired knowledge. After the reconfiguration, the site will work according to the new instructions.

Training of a new employee is simplified – filling out a form according to a clear plan is much easier for the mind to perceive than lengthy explanations of old-timers.


Why do you need a website?

But still, the main task of the site is to relieve the staff from monotonous and routine work that takes about 50% of the working time. By implementing software robots, you will increase employee productivity by freeing up time that can now be used to solve analytical and strategic problems.

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