Are you a businessman and your company still have no site?
What gives the creation of the site? In the XXI century, such a business simply has no future.

World Internet Web, or Internet) has already connected buyers with sellers, customers with performers, applicants with employers for several decades.

Just imagine how much this market is huge. Anyone from anywhere in the world can book a hotel for a couple of days in Gelendzhik, take advantage of the services of a transport company from Yekaterinburg, to become a client of the online store of clothing from Saratov, talk about a new interesting design blog to his friends or become an investor of a promising startup project.

The income from the site can be colossal!
What gives the creation of a site? The Internet carries many advantages to us right in hand. This is an excellent sales channel of goods and services! Even if the store will stand in the most lively shopping center of any megapolis type of Moscow, its profit will not compare with the profit of the Amazon online store, which only for 1 hour sells goods by 10 million dollars! The cost of the content of the site at the same time is much lower than the rental area in the business center.

The Internet expands and globalizes all market industry. By creating your site, you will get access to a huge number of people interested in goods and services of your company, those people who for the sake of your services will break up with their money much faster and easier than buyers from your own city.

What is the site and for what purposes is it needed?
The site is a group of web pages (or one web page), united by a common domain name and IP address. Pages may contain any number of links and texts. Such links are called hypertext, and the texts are HTML.

Each website is created for its specific tasks that the infinite set may be. But all of them, as a rule, are reduced to one or more of the main goals:

Attracting new customers and increase sales
Improving the image of the organization and expansion of the sphere of influence
Simplification of the purchase procedure and automation of the organization
The self-expression of the creator
Consider these goals.

The main goals of creating a site
Increase sales and attraction of customers
Perhaps the most common goal of any business. If before that the company did not have a website, then after its appearance, sales do not just increase, but there is a transition to a new level to new growth prospects. In parallel with this, marketing is complicated.

Usually for this purpose an online store, a product catalog or Landing Page is created.

Improving the image and expansion of the sphere of influence
The site goal may not only sell, it may be an improvement in the company’s image and improving brand awareness. A corporate site is created for this purpose.

An important point here is the focus on the company itself. Its principles, concept, prospects, investment opportunities are covered.

Simplification and automation of the organization’s department
In many business, the accomplishment of a transaction with the buyer requires powerful information and service support. Both in B2B, and in B2C sites, visitors often do not understand what they offer them how much it costs and what benefits will be brought.

Therefore, there are many content on such sites, which demonstrates the expense of this organization. Special sections are created, such as: blog, articles, news, FAQ, feedback form, forum, callback, email mailing. These modules automatize the work of the sales department and the quality control department. This gives a huge advantage over competitors.

For public organizations, such sections are used to calculate topical news and reports on the work done. This helps the press service staff.

For this purpose, a corporate site has been created with extended internal logic.

The self-expression of the creator
Resources offering cognitive content, very much online. Their founders are the people who put a demonstration of their competence in the chapter angle. This is usually a blog in which the author puts useful articles, video, reviews. Website creation for them is the creative process of self-expression. The ideological beginning in itself gives a huge advantage.

Advantages of website creation
When we made the first site in 2009, we immediately have applications from Krasnodar, Sochi, Moscow, and even from the United States. We simply did not expect such an effect. Our modest “helper” contained only 3 small sections: “About us”, “Portfolio”, “Contacts”. And even such a small site replaced the manager to attract new customers. We were not required to call anyone – orders were always.

You do not need to rent additional shopping areas, pay for the work of sellers and administrators, expand and maintain the transport service and pay for another bunch of other expenses.

What gives the site creation? All you need to sell on the Internet is a website!

Thanks to a competently thought out system of online sales, profit through the site will increase. If you still do not have it – it’s time

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