If it’s quite simple and cheap – you call and say “I need a site where I can …” and then tell what you need to show on the site and what you would like to receive.


It can be more difficult – you already understand what you need and have even seen a similar site. Then take a sheet of paper and write according to the sample of the found site – in this place display such and such an inscription, replace the picture here, this is not necessary at all, but add here. And then call and tell about the example of the site you found.


Maybe you need a store? Just say so – you need a store for sale or a website for a real estate agency or a hotel business. The fact is that most business processes can be systematized and this will not be an expensive development from scratch. If you need a store, then the processes are worked out, it can be modified to suit your requirements, quickly and inexpensively.


If you need a completely unique site, then you also need to prepare. Here you can download a brief – a development task, this is generally the beginning of communication, which will be expensive and time-consuming. Fill it out, it will help you determine the type of site and the requirements for it.


It will cost from $ 1,500, and this is for the basic version – it will be unique, unrepeatable and only yours. If you need it, then contact, at least I will advise.


How do sites order? Step by step.

As practice shows, they usually start with the first described option, and reach the fourth described option in about three to five years.

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